Las Vegas NV Colonic Irrigation/Hydrotherapy with Ozone our Specialty!  Las Vegas NV

Angel Healing Center

Las Vegas Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV

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Las Vegas, NV  89145


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The Difference!


We offer something unique that originated in Germany!

We combine ozone therapy with hydrotherapy

for a more effective colonic!


Angel Healing Center
(Included in New Book)


Dr. Jensen's letter to me

 (Known as the Father of Holistic Medicine)




Daily Specials


            $30 off First Ozonated Colonic--$49.00


                      Free Steam with Ozonated Colonic--$79.00 (regularly $124 for both)


Ozonated Colonic and Ozonated Steam for Couples or Friends--$62 each




*One-time use only and you must mention this ad*



        See our special package prices!


Services Offered

1. Colonics with Ozone

 2. Steams with Ozone

3. European Cleanse Program

4. Weight Loss Program

5. Parasite Cleanse


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