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Spring Specials

Regular Colonic$39.00 (Regularly $65.00)

Not All Advertized Colonics Are Colonics,

Some are Really Just Colemas!

$30 off First Ozonated Colonic--49.00 (Regularly $79.00)

Ozonated Steam and Ozonated Colonic--$79.00 (regularly $124 for both)

Ozonated Colonic and Ozonated Steam for Couples or Friends--$62 each

(One-time use only and you must mention this ad)


216 Hemler Creek Drive
Kalispell, Montana 59901

(Please call for directions west of town)







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Angel Healing Center
(Included in New Book)

Dr. Jensen's letter to me

(Known as the Father of Holistic Medicine)

Services Offered

1. Colonics with Ozone

2. Steams with Ozone

3. European Cleanse Program

4. Weight Loss Program

5. Parasite Cleanse


Prices & Business Policies

The Difference!


We offer something unique that originated in Germany!

We combine ozone therapy with hydrotherapy

for a more effective colonic!


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Featured Article:
  Not All Advertized Colonics Are Colonics....

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