Cancer (General) 
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General concepts that must be addressed:
1. Total body detoxification (e.g. liver, colon) (See Liver, Gall Bladder & Intestinal Toxicity Info)
2. Tissue oxygenation (ozone therapies, oxygen drops, hyperbaric, yoga reathing) (See Ozonated Steam Info)
3. Immune system enhancement (specialty supplements, e.g. Poly-MVA)
4. Proper nutrition (alkalyzing diet, raw vegetable juices, avoiding carbs, etc.)
5. Psycological/emotional/spiritual issues (learning to forgive & love self and others)
See Example Protocol--Supplements

The following are a few "alternative" ways some have used to support their own self-healing process:

1. Vegetable juicing for fresh enzymes and its alkalizing effect.  Cancer tissue is acidic and loves acid condition.  Get a book on foods that alkalize the body.  Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables tend to do that.  Calcium, especially coral calcium may be helpful.

2.  Hyperthermia (inducing an artificial fever for one to two hours via hot bath, steam, etc.) is known to boost the immune system.  Cancer tissue is dense and cannot disperse heat very well and will die off.

3. Essiac tea (Source)  Drink two ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening 2 hours away from food.

4. Remove stress by letting go and letting God.  Complete remission may come through the power of prayer.  Get into as many prayer groups and circles as possible.   Serving others in a charitable capacity is very helpful.  Love is the greatest healer.  Forgiving others allows us to forgive ourselves allowing healing to take place.

5. Foods to avoid:  all refined sugars and starches; carbohydrates.  Eat mostly fresh raw fruit and vegetables, juices and extracts.  Do incorporate some good healthy protein.

6. Sunshine (30 minutes per day minimum) or full spectrum lighting in house when it is winter.  Sunshine will shrink internal cancers which is know by the medical profession and is explained at

7. Get to sleep by 10 pm in the evening.  Immune system revitalizes between 10 pm and 2 am.

8. Any way to increase oxygen levels in the body, e.g. oxygen drops in your drinking water and hydrogen peroxide baths (use 3% from drugstore and use 2 to 4 quarts as desired and soak for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.)  See recommended reading.

9. Eat 4 tablespoons of highly blended (pureed) asparagus 2 X's per day.  This can be from freshly cooked or canned from the health store.  Green Giant brand or Stokely also good. (from page 16 of "Free Your Body of Tumors and Cysts" by Hanna Kroeger.)  Do not underestimate this simple alternative cancer cure?

10. Eat cottage cheese (one cup) with 5 tablespoons of almond oil, apricot oil, walnut oil or flaxseed oil mixed in on a daily basis, if in a state of pathology, but at least 2 X's per week as a maintenance.  This helps the body create interferon.  "Dr. Budwig registers outstanding results in the management of cancer with the use of her formula of 'cottage cheese and oil.'  This formula provides the body with fuel to make its own terferon and its own Interleukin-2.  This also is the best prevention against cancer in general.  Make one of her recipes twice a week and you will be blessed."--See above.   (from page 16 of "Free Your Body of Tumors and Cysts" by Hanna Kroeger.)

*Immune Enhancers:
 1.  Poly-MVA (Expensive but we feel it is the best hope! Regular clients can purchase wholesale with us.)
 2.  MGN-3 by Lane Labs
3.  Resveratrol--100 mg--3 per day (Order# 800-877-2447)
4.  Pancreatin--10 to 20 per day with or without food
in divided doses
5.  Black Salve (for skin)

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