Weight Loss Program
(A Different Approach That Really Works!)
Explanation:  Angel Healing Center has observed that with our regular cleanse program for total body detoxification, many of our clients experience one thing in common--remarkable weight loss!  This may be because of the powerful oxygenating effect of our ozonated steams and ozonated colonics.  Because of this we have put together a cleanse program with a special focus on weight loss, in addition to body detoxification.

The program is as follows:

3-Month Program:
(Step 1)    Follow regular 3-month cleanse program
(Step 2   Diet:  Low carb; no restriction regarding quantity
                 of protein or fat; emphasis on vegetables; no fast
(Step 3)    High liquid intake:  3--4 quarts of water/day
(Step 4)    Exercise (see recommended)
(Step 5)    Taking specially recommended supplements as
                  needed--very important!  (Handout given at the
                  beginning of program)
(Step 6)    Addressing psychological, emotional and spiritual
                  issues that may be causing problems and holding
                  one back

(Please read Weight Loss Info.)

4 to 6-Month Program:
Starts like 3-month program and continues with every week appointments until desired weight goal is reached.

Note:  We take pride in working with our clients, coaching and encouraging along the royal path to an entirely new look.  Our ultimate goal has always been to facilitate and motivate an entirely new approach to self-healing and self-care through life-style modification that will translate into brand new habits and patterns.  Often this approach will look at mental, emotional and spiritual causative factors and try to help heal the core issues by embracing a "higher" truth or perspective of life.  Please note that individual results may vary and that the ultimate success depends entirely upon you!
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