Testimonials - Jackie Kube
(from oxytherapy.com--not clients of Angel Healing Center)

Email: lazare@prolog.net

Date: Saturday, May 11, 1996

I have used rectal ozone/oxygen therapy since 1989 along with ozonated water and ozonated olive oil, for many problems. Ozone/oxygen therapy is all myself and family use, my dog even loves the ozonated water and olive oil.

Since I have used it for so many thing I will just tell what I used it for. I started using the therapy for candidiasis which I nearly died from, two weeks into the treatment I was back to my old self. I also used it for an infection in may arm which the Doctors wanted to amputate, thanks to ozone/oxygen I still have two working arms. I also used the therapy on my daughter for eczema, and bronchitis both were very bad again ozone/oxygen cleared both up in 1989 never to return. I have also used for colds, sore throats, arthritis, migraines, and sinusitis with great results on all.

Testimonials - Rodney Harkness

Email: hark@nauticom.net

Date: 6 August, 1996

After 4 1/2 years of allopathic medical treatment of "Epstein-Barr virus" (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), with nothing gained but a drawer full of powerful prescription drugs, on which I had become dependent. (I used: various antibiotics (3 kinds), muscle relaxers (2 kinds), pain killers (2), analgesics, sinus dryers(2 types), sleep enhance(1), and others). I switched to non-medical care. I was well on my way to recovery and dependable health within two weeks, in two months I was significantly back to work, in two years, fully recovered.

How: 21 days of anal ozone insufflation (at 30 ug/ml @1/16 liter-per-minute of ozone for one minute three times a day) followed by intermittent occasional one minute maintenance doses. This was aided by regular colonics, and various dietary supplements and cleansing. Some acupuncture, massage and chiropractic also gently helped. But, IT WAS THE OZONE that was the primary mitigating factor.

At age 44 I was nearly dead with barely 7 hours of waking time a day. Now at age 49, I'm healthier in some ways than I was 20 years before (herpes gone, sinusitis gone, ankle myalgia gone, candida gone, bulged gut gone, mental clarity much improved).

About six months after the ozone treatments were concluded, I started eating the Klamath Lake (in Oregon, USA) Blue Green Algae, for added micronutrients. Now the joint pain/weakness is gone and I'm doing deep knee bends and springing into the air off of my haunches just to show off, and I can run like a deer.

As a non-meat eater, non-drinker, non-smoker, athletic type, I thought I would never get sick. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a real disease, nearly killed me; ozone saved my life.

Deep down I always knew that there had to be a God-given simple answer to cancer and other terrible diseases; I now firmly believe that ozone is one of those answers.

Ozone plus Essiac Tea washed a large ovarian tumor out of my wife, Lois Ann, in six weeks. That was in late 1994 with no known subsequent recurrence (according to follow up tests by an M.D.).

A friend 's brother recovered from late stage AIDS by using ozone related therapy. That was in 1992, well over three years ago. He remains in his lifestyle, but is in the pink, is very busy, and has taught aerobics, (since then) while carrying on an active design business. (AIDS and CFS sufferers have many things in common)

This is all first hand experience. I could go on. It clearly works.

Anyone reading this should be aware that staying healthy is a long term commitment and probably nothing is a permanent fix. As for me, alternative therapy is no longer alternative, it's mainstream and permanent. Furthermore, it's a regular regimen for life.

God is good. In nature we are provided with simple ways to maintain good health. All most of us need for uncomplicated good health is right at hand. God Bless the ozone promoters. God bless the Internet.

Testimonials - Myriam Colella

Email: miacol@hotmail.com

Date: Sunday, August 16, 1998

I have been using ozone since 1996 when I had a terminal stage for breast cancer. Today I am 90% cure and I used the ozone almost every day as an ozone bath and rectal insufflation.

Testimonials - Cory Waxman

Email: corcares@total.net

Date: Tuesday July 1, 1997

I have got to share my experience with O2 & O3.

You see I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My first time hearing of this kind of therapy for MS , (1992) I had slight reservations about having this gas induced. But I went for the consultation.

To cut to the chase, I have been on Interferon since 1987, I have bean attack free since. I just started Ozone Therapy again (7/1/97).

I recommend checking out this therapy with a Naturopath Physician.


Testimonials - Khara Bromiley

Email: FrBromiley@aol.com

Date: Sunday, August 16, 1998

In 1985 I was diagnosed with Liver Disease. I found out later it was Hepatitis C. I
became very ill.

Then a friend of mine from Germany told me about Ozone and how it was common
practice at this clinic and very reasonable.

So off to the Holler Clinic I go and A.H.T. (Autohemotherapy) is used. I now have
been for four years and it has kept me alive and healthy.

The cost for 28 days treatment from an internist was five thousand plus the air fare
to Frankfurt.

I would tell everyone if I could. The place is wonderful and the treatments life giving
*(Note:  Autohemotherapy is ozonating blood and putting it back into the body.  Rectal insufflation of the pure gas is less disruptive and just as or more effective for getting ozone into the blood system.).

Testimonials - Dr. Walter Tonetto

Email: tonetto@mn.waseda.ac.jp

Date: Thursday February 26, 1998


It's a joke, really, that alternative practitioners, who as a rule understand much more of the mind/body/spirit relationship than orthodox physicians, often have to resort to clandestine maneuvers! Enlightened times we're living in!

I was on Koh Samui recently, and did an 11-day fasting/detox course at 'Healing Child' that was marvelous. 'Accidentally' (I have other thoughts, more pleasant, on this) I took 5 or 6 times the prescribed amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in my twice daily colemas: during the course, and after, I haven't felt better! No precipitation of 'angst' or even of a healing crisis, just a great feeling of purifying the body/mind! Since then I have embarked on a healthy diet and life-style.

During this course I chanced upon some books on ozone/ H2O2 therapies, and I was astounded! I knew full well, of course, that allopathic medicine, under the sway of Neo-Cartesian inculcation's, has never had much of an idea of the mind/body/spirit trinity, and is more concerned with 'treating' an 'object' (patient) than pondering or intuiting the self-healing powers of the body and mind: I guess the 'incentives' are also too strong (deals with pharmaceutical companies included) to enable closing the 'subject' / 'object' illusion.

Here were notable German physicians attesting in detailed form the healing properties of ozone etc. They cured cases of AIDS and advanced cases of cancer! And yet our media don't inform us, or squeak with orthodox pieties, or muzzle those who speak of cures! The AMA is one of the most powerful bodies in the U.S. and the FDA always in tow. No wonder that nothing happens when 20,000 people die annually in the U.S. from ingesting prescribed medication! And that thunder breaks lose if an alternative practitioner suggest a non-invasive and healing course of proceedings.

I cannot help feeling that this is deeply immoral and in political terms nothing less than fascist! But here we have the U.S. Government cutting deals with tobacco companies -- oh sweet lucre -- turning a blind eye to intrigue and perjury on a frightening scale. And the whole country goes bananas when a little DNA is discovered on the President's inamorata's dress ...

The Emperor (or is it Empress?) has been standing naked for much longer than we, feeble in spirit and void of ethics, have been willing to admit.

All good wishes to those who seek to heal and to those who seek to heal themselves!

Dr. Walter Tonetto

Testimonials - Samuel Gerber

Email: gerber@gem.co.za

Date: Saturday, October 18, 1997

Having my prostrate removed after being diagnosed with prostrate cancer, I experienced a turn for the worse. The doctor gave me months to go. I lost weight from 80 kilos to 60. Cancer drugs made me throw up, and I lost a further 5 kilos due to de hydration. I was introduced to Oxy Therapy as tried it in desperation. I am now on the road to recovery. After five (5) treatments, my energy is returning and my appetite is excellent. My treatment is to continue.

Testimonials - David Gray

Email: A3046@home.com

Date: Wednesday October 14, 1998

My daughter suffered since she was 13 years old with asthma. We watched her living on puffers and medication for years.

Two years ago I put a living air purifier in her apartment (she is now 25) which puts out 0.04ppm of ozone and with that working along with the radio wave ionization I am thankful to report that she is completely off her medication and puffers.

This is not a health claim, it is a FACT.

David Gray

Testimonials - Douglas Grendahl

Email: dgren@ix.netcom.com

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996

I suffer seasonally with allergies. Here in the NorthWest we do have a problem with mold in our buildings and so I decided to try out getting an Ozone generator. I got the least expensive model ($499) and have been using it ever since. The mold is gone! But, I discovered that it's great for also cleaning up stale-air and making it fresh again.

I've got it placed in my living-room, placed up as high as I can, and I leave it running all the time. Whenever I have guests in, they all make remarks about the freshness of the air. I personally would not be without one now. I also take it with me when travelling.


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