More Suggestions  
1. Drink 2 to 4 quarts of clean spring (bottled) water daily.  Water is nature’s laxative and the cheapest medicine you can take to remove pain from the body.

2. Eat 60 to 80 percent raw (organic when possible) fruits and vegetables during 3-month cleanse.  Juicing is an excellent way to get an abundance of live enzymes and other phytonutrients and to alkalize the body.
    A) Observe proper food combining rules. Generally, protein can be eaten with vegetables but not starches.  Starches can be eaten with vegetables but not protein.  Milk, if consumed, should be raw and taken alone.  Sugars do not mix with starches (or carbohydrates)--this causes fermentation, bloating and much discomfort!  Consume citrus or melons alone. (See chart)
    B) Take digestive enzymes especially with large meals or when you experience difficulty with digestion.  Some people need them at every meal.  Proper digestion helps create proper elimination.

3. Take whole food supplement or replacement product like "The Ultimate Meal" by the Ultimate Life.

4. Do the Edgar Cayce recommended 3-day apple fast during the cleanse period and every so often thereafter.

5. Do body brushing every morning first thing when you get out of bed.  We carry the brushes and will show you how to do it correctly.  (Stimulates elimination of toxins through the skin and lymph system.)

6. Exercise daily.  Do Chi Kung (also spelled Qigong) to condition body and improve body's energy system.  Read Harnessing the Power of the Universe : A Complete Guide to the Principles and Practice of Chi-Gung, by Daniel Reid.  Also see a new qigong form that is currrently outlawed in China (free books and video clips for download).

7. Take colostrum to add natural disease fighting antibiotics and benefical bifidus bacteria to the intestinal tract.  Take oral acidophilus supplements, as well, to help implant friendly bacteria in the colon which makes a lubricated stool as well as controls the bad bacteria and candida in the body.  (Take it with oral product on an empty stomach when possible.)

8. Take MSM--creates better cell wall permeability to allow toxins to leave and nutrients to enter.

9. Find and eliminate toxic exposures in your life and environment.  If you have silver fillings or metal in your mouth, consider having them removed as soon as possible.  Until this time do mercury detox with cilantro and chlorella. We also carry these products.  Read Hulda Clark's book, A Cure For All Diseases, for more information on this.  Try to use natural, biodegradable soaps, etc.  Use Tom's of Maine toothpaste--fennel propolis only to avoid Fluoride exposure.  Find natural body care products for hair and skin.

10. Edgar Cayce recommended having your spine adjusted by a good chiropractor every so often.

11. Control stress in your life.  Seek counseling if necessary for subconscious patterns of stress, anger, guilt, fear, etc. that could be causing the body to not produce proper hormones or electrical and blood flow to different parts of the body.

12. After you have completed this cleanse program, plan on a regular schedule of colonics to maintain optimum health.  Once per month is a good schedule for most people. (See benefits of continuing colonics.)

(Print this sheet for your convenience.)