(Parasite Product part of our 3-Month Cleanse--not sold separately)

Parasites are a major health concern for everyone in every country. No one is exempt. We all have parasites!When we get out of balance, parasites overpopulate and cause a deterioration of health. This is happening today in epidemic proportions because of our poor diets and impacted colons. and you have a great breeding ground for all sorts of nasties.

Children are very susceptible to an imbalanced parasite population in their bodies. In more serious situations, adults may have to take high doses in the beginning because of the size of the pill.

Possible Symptoms:

1. Abdominal distress
2. Diarrhea
3. Constipation
4. Bloated feeling
5. Urinary tract burning or cramping
6. Fatigue
7. Frequent colds & flu's
8. Frequent infections
9. Allergies

*(All symptoms need not be present.  Any of the above can be a sign of parasitic infection.  Most parasitic infections go undetected.)

Description of Ingredients and Rationale for Usage:

1. Fructus Carpesii Seu Daucusi (HeShi) 75 mg
This ancient herb is well known in Chinese Medicine for expelling many types of parasites. Primary ingredient.
2. Black Walnut Hulls
Used to kill tapeworm and expel all manner of others worms.
3. PinkRoot
Always known as a parasite killer. Most potent for tape worms and round worms.
4. Butternut Bark -Called white walnut.
Used to expel rather than kill, worms.
5. Cloves
Dr. Clark claims that nothing known can kill the eggs of parasites in the body as well.
6. Male Fern
Known as one of the best killers and expellers of tape-worms.
7. Pomegranate
Used in the Middle East and India for parasites.
8. Violet Leaves
Balances the Air element in this formula.
9. Raw Cabbage Extract
This was used by Edgar Cayce for all kinds of parasites.
10. Grapefruit Seed Extract Good for small intestines.
11. Pumpkin Seeds
Long known for its anti-parasitic properties. Paralyzes the middle and end part of tapeworms.
12. Garlic (Kyolic) (odorless)
Used by Eastern and Western cultures to kill and expel worms.
13. Spirulina
Balances the Earth element in this formula.
14. Castor Oil
Used for centuries as a vermifuge.
15-18 Lipase, Amylase, Protease, Green Papaya Extract
Digestive enzymes to make formula absorb properly.
19. Semen Arecae Katechu (Bing-Lang)
Attacks fasciolopsis. Dr. Clark has identified fasciolopsis as the main cancer causing agent in humans. Paralyzes the head part of the tapeworm.
20. Kousso
Used for centuries by the Abyssinians to expel tapeworms and other worms.
21. Sage
Used to balance the Water element in this formula.
22. Radix Astragali (Huang-Qi)
Support for the spleen and immune system. Balances and harsh anti-parasitic cleansing effects.
23. Cortex Meliae Radicis (Ku-Lian-Gen-Pi)
Kills roundworms and pinworms. Used in China for children.
24. Magnesium Orotate
Balances griping effects. Penetrates into the cells.
25. Trace Mineral Mix
Another balancer for this formula. Contains 74 elements.
26. Axantorryzia Colombianensis
Used in South America to kill all kinds of parasites.
27. Larkspur
Balances the "outer" effects of parasites. Effective for lice and insect bites.
28. Fennel
Digests parasite eggs in the stomach.
29. Hedge Hyssop (Gratiola Ollicinalis)
A well-known worm disspeller.
30. Slippery Elm Bark
Supportive of the colon, lining, during parasite detox.
31. Wormwood
Long known to help expel worms. A small amount is used to strengthen certain aspects of the formula.
32. Ceylon Leadroot (Plumbagozeylanica)
A favorite of the Tibetan doctors to kill worms. A pinch is added to strengthen the fire element.
33. Natural Wintergreen Oil Extract
Parasites hate this smell. I have noticed in clinical prac-tice that it supports the Air element.

Several Holographic-Synergetic frequencies are applied to this formula to dispel imbalanced forces from the body that attach to it as a result of parasitic overpopulation.

Maintenance - 1 a day
Mild conditions - 3 to 6 a day
Moderate conditions - 6 to 9 a day
Severe Conditions - 9 to 15 a day
In Children, if affected:
5 to 10 yrs old - 1 to 5 a day
11 to 15 yrs old -6 to 9 a day
15+ up -adult doses
Note: Swallow these. Do not put under tongue.

It is important to maintain a weekly schedule of colonics during a parasite cleanse.  This is to remove the parasites from the colon as quickly as possible to prevent a reinfestation from eggs or a contamination from viruses, bacteria and fungi that may be present in the parasite, itself!

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