The Big Picture: Pancreatin Enzymes, the Natural Cancer Defense Mechanism

Picture of a typical basal cell cancer lesion. The immune system, when it is functioning correctly, uses pancreatin enzymes to destroy cancers that occur in the body. Strategies to fight skin cancer by tuning up this natural defense mechanism are explored.

Although most people know something about the body's defense mechanisms for fighting bacterial or viral infections, generally little is known about how the body naturally fights cancers that occur. Enzymes excreted by the pancreas are the army of this natural defense mechanism, analogous in function to white blood cells and antibodies. Pancreatin is a mix of many different enzymes, and those involved in the digestion of proteins are also used to help eliminate cancers that occur.

Pancreatin enzymes have two important functions in the body: digestion of foods and routine cancer eradication. Cancer is often a disease of protein metabolism because the pancreatin enzyme cancer defense mechanism can be overwhelmed by consuming protein rich foods at inappropriate times or in excessive amounts. The body needs a time span each day approaching twelve hours or more without protein consumption for its pancreatin cancer defense mechanism to work optimally.

Pancreatin enzymes can be made ineffective by contact with acids or alcohols. A diet comprised mostly of refined foods and meats may result in an acidic body chemistry that depletes these enzymes. Cancer, once established, ensures its survival by continuously generating acid as it inefficiently metabolizes food. Consuming alcohol can also interfere with the defense mechanism. Many popular cosmetics that contain acids or alcohols are a special concern for skin cancer.

It is possible to enhance the function of the pancreatic enzyme mechanism to heal existing skin cancers. I have used pancreatin enzyme based treatments successfully on two potential skin cancers. On the first lesion recommended for a biopsy by a dermatologist as a probable squamous cell carcinoma, I used a topical insect bite remedy containing pancreatin that I more or less stumbled upon. On a second lesion with skin cancer symptoms, I used oral pancreatin enzyme supplements along with several other strategies. In both instances, healing progress was noticeable within a few days, fairly complete healing took several weeks. From these experiences, I have detailed many free or inexpensive, easy-to-try home remedy strategies on the next page. Welcome!