Ozone Generators 

Ozone can be used as a self-induced rectal insufflation of oxygen/ozone gas mix via thin flexible catheter as per German protocol which can be obtained from various books.  Ozonators are also used to ozonate air, water or olive oil for topical application.

EXT-120 (Case)
Price:  $2200plus shipping
($1295 for ozonator alone)
($2200 is complete with oxygen tank, regulator, all accessories,
instructions & One-Year Warranty)
(Order Here)

Ozonated Steam Sauna
(for use with EXT-120 Case [above])
(See Benefits)

(Order Here)
      $2499 (+ $300 shipping)
*(Price includes cabinet and steam generator but not ozone generator)
--We can get a different cabinet with one door for $2000, shipping included--

Ozonated Steam Sauna Tent
(cheaper option)

(Order Here)
$299 (Price does not include shipping and could vary.)
*(Tent comes with steam generator)

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