Colonic Irrigation/Hydrotherapy with Ozone our Specialty!

Our Ozonation Process is Different!


Other colon therapists do not use the kind of ozone that we do!  Ours is 30 to 40 times stronger using oxygen from a bottle with an ozonator that is much more powerful than a simple water or air ozonator.  Other therapist, if they do use ozone and most do not, simply use a very low powered "water" ozonater and "bubble" ozonated air into a reservoir of water to purify the water only.  This process is very weak and does nothing for the body.  Air, after all, is only 19% oxygen (at best) and the concentration of ozone is very low and dissipates out of the water by the time it enters the body!

Our ozonation process is entirely different and follows a strict German protocol.  First of all, again, we use straight (100%) oxygen from a bottle.  Next it is passed through a "medical" grade ozonater.  The ozone concentrations are many more times the strength that can be produced from a simple water ozonater.  Finally, this powerful oxygen/ozone mix is then "insufflated" directly into the inflow water (into the rectum) the way it is done in Europe and countries in other areas of the world.

Ozone rectal insufflations have a powerful "systemic" effect on the entire body because ozone will penetrate the bowel wall and enter the blood and lymph and circulate throughout the body and organs oxidizing whatever pathogens and toxins come in its path.  This is why ozone rectal insufflations are used in other countries to "treat" major pathologies like hepatitis, cancer and AIDS.  We at Angel Healing Center do not "treat" any pathologies.  Ozone is used to help purify and cleanse the body in a very unique way.

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