Kalenite® is the original herbal formula for internal cleansing. Its unique blend of herbs provides gentle cleansing and toning support for the elimination systems of the body. Kalenite® is an herbal purification formula that has been popular for over 15 years and is sold around the world. In today’s toxic environment, Kalenite® food supplement is a natural choice in a health maintenance program. Suggested use is once or twice a year, taken with a Yerba Prima fiber formula. Kalenite® Herbal Formula has been the leader for over 15 years and is considered the best herbal purification formula.

Acacia gum, plantain leaf, blessed thistle herb, cloves, red clover tops, corn silk extract, yellow dock root extract, buckthorn bark extract. Natural source excipients: silicon dioxide, vegetable stearine.

Given during cleanse program.

Drink plenty of liquids while using Kalenite® and a Fiber Formula. Do not use if pregnant.