Aging Gracefully in The New Age

Many concepts regarding aging are becoming outmoded.  Have you ever watched an old movie or program and noticed how the perception of age was different only a few decades ago?  People in their thirties were portrayed as getting “old,” and by the time they were in their sixties they were relics ready to make the journey to the Great Beyond.

Today there are many very “hip” sixty-year-olds.  In fact, many people in their sixties can even look in their forties with proper diet, exercise and a good periodic body/liver detox.  It is not unusual to have a more youthful appearance as we evolve into a new age, because our belief about aging is slowly changing.  This is partly in fact because many of us are becoming more aware of diet and supplementation.

There is a very simple equation for health: Perfect Assimilation + Perfect Elimination = Perfect Health.  An experiment done many years ago at a prestigious university helped to validate this fact.  A professor took living cells from a chicken and kept them alive in a Petri dish for over twenty years by daily rinsing and adding new nutrient.

In theory this could have gone on ad infinitum.  So why do we age?  Why do we suffer the infirmities of time?  Why are some of us more prone to this process than others?  The answer is simple.

Some of us are content to stay within the narrow confines of societal beliefs and mass consciousness, e.g., if your doctor says that you need to take 6 or 8 drugs (some experimental and not proven) and/or undergo a surgical procedure, then you better do so!  Some of us, however, question the status quo and rely on something deep inside—that inner voice that Buddha talked about.

Some of us turn away from societal beliefs and listen to this Inner Wisdom that is older than time itself—ones True Self which in very truth is God’s Self living in us.  It is this same Limitless Intelligence that created your bodies, that orchestrates the complex chemical reactions in it and then lives in it breathing, thinking and doing.  It is only the negative thinking that block this divine truth of who we are and gives rise to a false self, a self that does not see this cardinal truth—its own limitless power source.  Western medicine is no match for the profundities of the soul, which often manifests as the wisdom of a mother’s intuition.

For example, when the doctors told one of my clients to feed her infant formula out of a supermarket, she instinctively knew that this was wrong and made her own homemade purées from whole, natural foods.  Her children grew up to be very strong and healthy, needing no medical attention!

If you listen to your own little voice inside, you, too, will hear it say to live, eat and breath as close to nature as possible.  After all, isn’t it the natural thing to do?  When we try to outthink and outguess the Infinite, we fall flat on our faces every time.  When we stay aligned with the ignorance of the “false self,” we give up on Universal Truth and put “false Gods” before us—usually those educated individuals that we “look up” to.

Just look at our blunders, on many levels, in the world around us—dwindling resources, overpopulation and mountains of garbage even to the point of polluting our once pristine oceans.  Our great universities and institutions of learning sit back helplessly with no answers.  Why?—because they rely on mind instead of Spirit.

As we turn back to our “instincts” rooted in a Primordial Consciousness that always “was,” and turn back to nature, we will begin to age much more slowly.  Our stress will fall away because we will no longer feel isolated, alone and apart from each other.  Seeing the truth of our inner connection, we will no longer “push” our way through life.  We will feel a flooding love and joy like we could never imagine.

Aging can not occur in person living in perpetual love and joy.  As we come to our inner core truth, this state will eventuate in all of us.  It is our divine destiny.  We are coming to this.  We are arriving.  It is time.  Some have already made it.  Just let go and jump!  (One hint: Purify yourself.  Wash yourself.  Clean yourself with…water.)

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