Example Protocol

Before Meals:

1 hour before:
"Liver Detox" (product name by Extreme Health):  2 capsules (1 hour before each meal--empty stomach) 3Xs/Day [6 total/Day]
MGN-3 (by Lane Labs):  4 capsules (take same time with Liver Detox) 3Xs/Day [12 total per day]

30 minutes before:
Poly-MVA (by AMARC):  2 teaspoons (take 30 minutes after the above products--30 minutes before meals) 4Xs/Day [8 total teaspoons/Day]

With or Immediately After Meals:

CoQ10 (50 mg softgells): 3 capsules with breakfast, 3 with lunch, 2 with dinner [8 total/Day]
Coral Calcium (Bob Bearfoot): 3 with each meal [9 total/Day]
Cell Guard (by Source Naturals): 3/Day1 with each meal [3 total/Day]

*Note:  The above products (except for Cell Guard) can be purchased in the recommended milligram dosage directly from AMARC--(800) 960-6760.  (Expensive but we feel this may be the best hope as far as alternative methods! Regular clients can purchase wholesale through us.)

*Don't forget to detox and oxygenate!