Comments by Dr. Dean Edell
(from radio broadcast)

    Not long ago Dr. Edell made a shocking comment on the air.  He stated that if you were to shrink every cell in the human body until they virtually disappeared, the body would still appear to be standing there looking very real.  What is the reason for that shocking statement?

    Viruses!  Bacteria!  Fungi!  He said that these three, and I am sure other little beasties (like protozoans, etc.), are at such population levels and in such prevalence in the human body (in the cells, lining the cells and flowing through the myriad channels throughout) that they would literally make the body appear to be "solid" if your own body cells were to vanish in mid air.

     Dr. Edell said that worms have even been found in the eyes of infected people and that it is not incredibly uncommon.  This means that you, right now, could be infested with these "macro" parasites anywhere in your body as you sit reading this information!

    With so many parasitic creatures in the body, it becomes apparent why the need to go through a comprehensive cleanse program with ozone.