Diverticulitis is a serious disease that afflicts many Americans causing not only great abdominal distress and pain but health risks from possible perforation of the colon.  It, simply speaking, is a blistering or bubbling of the colon wall from an over stressing of the muscles of the colon trying to evacuate a sticky fiberless stool.  Actually, that condition is diverticulosis.  It only becomes diverticulitis when it becomes inflammed and infected which even further decreases the tissue integrity making it more prone to perforation.

The modalities most commonly recommended by Edgar Cayce include castor oil packs, colonic enemas, osteopathic manipulations, and violet ray therapy. These collectively alleviate distressing symptoms and aid in bringing the body back to balance.  Thyroid replacement and/or Atomidine was recommended for underactive thyroid which might aggravate or cause constipation.

Suggested Therapeutic Regimen
1. Castor oil packs: (See Recommended Reading) These may be used for three to four hours at a time daily for acute symptoms, then one-and-a-half to two hours at a time three days a week (same days and times if possible) after improvement is noted. Olive oil, one-half teaspoon every two to three hours initially for one to two days, may be helpful. For subacute or chronic cases, one to two tablespoons of olive oil after the third day of castor oil pack (i.e., once a week) may be used.
2. Colonic irrigations: These should be gentle and would be most beneficial after the third day of castor oil packs. The recommended frequency would be one or two treatments per week initially for two to three weeks, then one monthly for the next two to three months.
3. Gentle or mild laxatives as necessary to keep the bowels open, e.g., Fletcher's Castoria, Sulfiax, Serutan, etc.
4. Osteopathy: Manipulations once or twice per week for three to four weeks with two-week rest periods before repeating for three or more series.
5. Total body massage with emphasis along the spine, using a combination of equal parts of peanut and olive oils. This again should be once or twice a week, if possible, for a five- to six-week period. This may be repeated as often as necessary.
6. Correct underactive thyroid by using thyroid hormones (dosage dependent on severity) and/or Atomidine.
    Suggested program of Atomidine:
One drop daily for seven days, rest five days
Two drops daily for seven days, rest five days
Helpful products:
MSM & Colostrum
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