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Food Categories

I.   Proteins:  food that contain 15 percent or more protein matter 
     Concentrated proteins:  meat, fish, fowl, eggs, milk, cheese 
     Light proteins:  nuts, beans, peas, soy bean products, whole grains 
II.  Carbohydrates:  foods that contain 20 percent or more starch and/or 
     Starch:  peanuts, bananas, potatoes, all pasta products, rice, breads, 
      cakes, pies, refined cereals, etc. 
     Sugars:  whole, brown and raw cane sugar, fructose, honey, maple 
       syrup, dried sweet fruits (dates, raisins, figs, prunes) 
III.  Fats:  animal or vegetable oils 
     Animal:  butter, cream, lard, tallow, fatty meats 
     Vegetable:  Olive, soy bean, sunflower seed, sesame, 
      safflower, corn, and all nut oils 
IV. Vegetables:  lettuce, celery, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, 
      bean sprouts, cucumber, asparagus, onion, eggplant, turnip, 
      watercress, leek, zuccini, string bean, green pepper, 
      radish, carrot, okra, artichoke, olive, etc. 
     Exceptions: potatoes act as a starch; tomatoes act as an 
      acid fruit 
V.   Fruits:
     Acid fruits:  orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, berries, 
      cranberry, pineapple, tomato 
     Sub-acid fruits:  apple, pear, peach, cherry, grape, apricot 
      nectarine, plum, etc. 
     Melons:  watermelon, musk melon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, 
      papaya, etc. 
     Exceptions:  bananas act as a starch; dried figs, dates, 
      raisins and prunes act as sugar


  1.  'No' denotes incompatible combinations. 
  2. 'Yes' denotes compatible combinations. 
  3. Milk is best taken completely as a protein food as raw certified milk. 
  4. Melon are not included in 'fruit' heading above; they should always be eaten alone for optimum  digestion and assimilation. 
  5. Bananas, figs, dates, prunes and raisins are sugar/starch foods of the very best quality, and should not be mixed with proteins. 
  6. Vegetables combine well with everything, except for potatoes (a starch) and tomatoes (an acid). 
  7. Fats should be avoided with concentrated proteins, but are relatively compatible with light proteins. 
  8. The closer to the fresh, raw state a food is consumed, the more compatible it is with other varieties of food; therefore, try to make at least 50% of your diet consist of fresh, raw foods consumed in the fresh,raw state.  That will provide the active enzymes and moist, raw fiber required to compensate for incompatible combinations of cooked foods.

     Now we come to one of the most controversial and misunderstood items in the Western diet. Orientals and Africans have traditionally avoided milk - except as a purgative. But in the Western world, people are told to drink milk every day throughout their lives. 
    If we look at nature, we see that the young feed exclusively on milk until weaned away from it with other foods. The natural disappearance of the milk-digesting enzyme lactase from the human system upon reaching maturity proves that adult humans have no more nutritional need for milk than adult tigers or chimpanzees. Though milk is a complete protein food when consumed raw, it also contains fat, which means that it combines poorly with any other food except itself. Yet adults today routinely 'wash down' other foods with cold milk. Milk curdles immediately upon entering the stomach, so if there is other food present the curds coagulate around other food particles and insulate them from exposure to gastric juices, delaying digestion long enough to permit the onset of putrefaction. Therefore, the first and foremost rule of milk consumption is, 'Drink it alone or leave it alone.' 
     Today, milk is made even more indigestible by the universal practice of pasteurization, which destroys its natural enzymes and alters its delicate proteins. Raw milk contains the active enzymes lactase and lipase, which permit raw milk to digest itself. Pasteurized milk, which is devitalized of lactase and other active enzymes, simply cannot be properly digested by adult stomachs, and even infants have trouble with it, as evidenced by cholic, rashes, respiratory ailments, gas and other common ailments of bottle-fed babies. The lack of enzymes and alteration of vital proteins also renders the calcium and other mineral elements in milk largely unassimilable. 
     During the 1930s, Dr Francis M. Pottenger conducted a 10-year study on the relative effects of pasteurized and raw milk diets on 900 cats. One group received nothing but raw whole milk, while the other was fed nothing but pasteurized whole milk from the same source. The raw milk group thrived, remaining healthy, active and alert throughout their lives, but the group fed on pasteurized milk soon became listless, confused and highly vulnerable to a host of chronic degenerative ailments normally associated with humans, including heart disease, kidney failure, thyroid disfunction, respiratory ailments, loss of teeth, brittle bones, liver inflammation, etc. But what caught Dr Pottenger's attention most was what happened to the second and third generations. The first offspring of the pasteurized milk group were all born with poor teeth and small, weak bones--a clear-cut sign of calcium deficiency, which indicated lack of calcium absorption from pasteurized milk. The offspring of the raw milk group remained as healthy as their parents. Many of the kittens in third generation of the pasteurized group were stillborn, while those that survived were all sterile and unable to reproduce. The experiment had to end there because there was no fourth generation of cats fed on pasteurized milk, although the raw milk group continued to breed and thrive indefinitely. If that is insufficient proof of the ill effects of pasteurized milk, take note of the fact even that newborn calves fed on pasteurized milk taken from their own mother cows usually die within six months, a fact which the commercial dairy industry is loathe to admit. 
     Despite such scientific evidence in favor of raw milk and against pasteurized milk, and despite the fact that until the early twentieth century the human species thrived on raw milk, it is actually illegal to sell raw milk to consumers in all but a few states in America today. It is far more profitable to the dairy industry to pasteurize milk to extend its shelf life, though such denatured milk does nothing whatsoever to extend human life. Furthermore, pasteurization renders milk from sick cows in unsanitary dairies relatively 'harmless' by killing some, but not all, dangerous germs, and this too cuts costs for the dairy industry.  It required only three generations for Dr  Pottenger's pasteurized milk fed cats to become sterile and enfeebled. That's about how many generations of Americans and Europeans have fed on pasteurized milk. 
     Today, infertility has become a major problem for young American couples, while calcium deficiency has become so rampant that over 90 per cent of all American children suffer chronic tooth decay. To make things worse, milk is now routinely 'homogenized' to prevent the cream from separating from the milk. This involves the fragmentation and pulverization of the fat molecules to the point that they will not separate from the rest of the milk. But it also permits these tiny fragments of milk fat to easily pass through the villae of the small intestine, greatly increasing the amount of denatured fat and cholesterol absorbed by the body. In fact, you absorb more milk-fat from homogenized milk than you do from pure cream. 
     Women worried about osteoporosis should take note of these facts about pasteurized milk products. That such denatured milk does not deliver sufficient calcium to prevent this condition is abundantly evident from the fact that American women, who consume great quantities of various pasteurized milk products, suffer the world's highest incidence of osteoporosis.  Raw cabbage, for example, supplies far more assimilable calcium than any quantity of pasteurized milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, or any other denatured dairy product. 
     Recent studies at the Human Research Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, indicates that the element boron is also an essential factor in absorbing calcium from food and utilizing it to build bones. Even more noteworthy, the level of estrogen in the blood of women given sufficient quantities of boron more than doubled, eliminating the need for estrogen replacement therapy, which is a common stopgap measure against osteoporosis in the West. And where do we find boron?  In fresh fruits and vegetables, especially apples, pears, grapes, nuts, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables, where we also find calcium. Nature has already provided abundant sources of all the vital nutrients we need in synergistic form, but man insists on cooking and processing them to death, and then wonders why his diet doesn't 'work.' 
     Adults should seriously reconsider milk as a constituent of their daily diets, unless they are able to obtain raw certified milk, which is an excellent food. To stuff children with pasteurized milk in order to make them grow 'strong and healthy' is sheer folly, because they simply cannot assimilate the nutrients. Indeed men, women, and children alike should eliminate all pasteurized dairy products from their diets, for these denatured dairy products only gum up the intestines with layer upon layer of slimy sludge that interferes with the absorption of organic nutrients. 
     Rule:  Eliminate pasteurized and homogenized milk entirely from your diet. If raw certified milk is available, consume it as a whole food in itself, not in combinafion with other foods. 
Blood-Type Diet 
     Read "Eat Right For Your Type" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to learn your compatibily with food based on your blood type.  Many are experiencing more energy and weight loss from just understanding this very simple principle of diet.
Raw Food
     It is very important to eat an abundance (60 to 80 percent) of raw organic foods for the living enzymes present that are essential for proper food digestion as well as all major activities in the body.  If the body doesn't have it in the food you eat, it will have to steal it from your body's reserve in order to carry out the most basic processes, including food digestion.  When this happens, the body becomes weakened and the immune system is affected.
Alkaline Diet
     Most toxins in the body are in the form of an acid.  Edgar Cayce stressed the need to alkalize the body through diet and detoxification to obtain maximum good health.  To achieve this, it is recommended to emphasize raw fruits and vegetables over meats, grains and dairy products.  See our alkaline shopping list ideas.  Also there is a need to drink plenty of water to wash out body acids.
See article,ALKALINITY
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