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Not All Advertized Colonics Are Colonics,

Some are Really only Colemas!

3 kinds of colon hydrotherapy--only one is very effective!


--Important information; please read!--

 Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy Las Vegas NV Colon Hydrotherapy

Putting water in the colon for the purpose of washing old fecal matter with its bad bacteria out of the body is called colon hydrotherapy.  But within that general category are three distinctly different procedures with three distinctly different degrees of effectiveness.

1. The least effective colon hydrotherapy method is simply an enema.  An enema is often self-administered at home with a gravity-feed bottle that has a small water line measuring a few feet with a small speculum that enters the rectum.  Usually, this procedure is messy, takes a long time, is rather uncomfortable and rarely goes for that a foot or two into the 5 to 6 foot bowel.  Obviously this leaves much of the colon untouched with no change for the better.

2. A more sophisticated enema is termed a colema.  A colema uses the same gravity flow but uses an open reservoir system.  The speculum that enters the body is pencil thin.  The subject lies on a table that has an open evacuation trough at one end of it.  When water flows into the rectum any evacuation can simultaneously flow right back and out into the trough.  This can deter from the overall effectiveness of the procedure.  If the self-administered speculum is put in improperly and only penetrates the body ½ inch to 1 inch then the process is even less effective.

Colemas have a similar effectiveness to an enema but are much easier to do simply because one does not have to get up and run to the toilet and evacuate there It usually takes two or three colemas done daily to effectively reach the full length of the bowel, especially when one is constipated and experiencing bloating and pressure.

3. The most effective colon hydrotherapy is the colonic.  A colonic uses a closed system that prevents germs from entering the system and ultimately entering the subject Colonics use a positive low-pressure flow that is gauged and regulated.  Water temperature is also gauged and monitored.  Instead on evacuating into an open air trough, the colonic employs a disposable evacuation hose so that the feces is never exposed to the air in the room.  Colonics use a disposable speculum that is gently contoured and designed to pass the waste material into the evacuation hose.  The water inlet port is strategically angled back toward the outflow so that, when waste is being eliminated, this process can be gently accelerated by increasing the outflow circulation.

Also, with the colonic, there is another marked benefit.  Because of the drop in the outlet hose to the drainage system and drain trap, there is another wonderful effect in a colonic that does not exist in enemas or colemas that facilitates and expedites the process.  This is a gentle siphoning effect that helps to encourage the elimination of water that has, by this time, entered the full 5 to 6 feet of the colon.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, considered by many the father of holistic healing, states that it would take 8 enemas to equal one colonic.  Colemas are somewhere in the middle.  Even so, any kind of colon hydrotherapy is going to be of some help and should be considered when one is constipated or just feeling sick in any way.

If you go to a professional, be aware that not all advertised colonics are colonics at all!  Some are really colemas but are mistakenly advertised as colonics.  Colemas, using the pencil-thin” speculums, should be considered, however, in some cases, e.g. elderly or handicapped individuals.  There is a trade off, but any hydrotherapy is better than doing nothing at all!

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