Cilantro Pesto Said to Remove Heavy Metals
Author Unknown

                                  Heavy metal poisoning is rampant. It is a major cause of
                                  hormonal imbalances, cancer, thyroid problems, neurological
                                  disturbances, learning problems, depression, food allergies,
                                  parasites, etc. etc. This is a great recipe that is not only easy
                                  to make but also really yummy, and it tells you how to remove
                                  heavy metals from the body!

                                  Cilantro is truly a healing food. One friend suffering from high
                                  blood pressure due to mercury poisoning had her blood
                                  pressure return to normal after eating two teaspoons of this
                                  pesto daily for only a week. So whether you need to detoxify
                                  heavy metals from your body or just wish to use it as a
                                  preventative measure, 2 teaspoons a day is all you need to
                                  take. This pesto has now become a regular in my diet. Enjoy!

                                  Cilantro Chelation Pesto

                                  4 cloves garlic
                                  1/3 cup Brazil nuts (selenium)
                                  1/3 cup sunflower seeds (cysteine)
                                  1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)
                                  2 cups packed fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley)
                                  (vitamin A)
                                  2/3 cup flaxseed oil
                                  4 tablespoons lemon juice (vitamin C)
                                  2 tsp dulse powder
                                  Sea salt to taste

                                  Process the cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender until the
                                  coriander is chopped. Add the garlic, nuts and seeds, dulse
                                  and lemon juice and mix until the mixture is finely blended into
                                  a paste. Add a pinch to sea salt to taste and blend again.
                                  Store in dark glass jars if possible. It freezes well, so purchase
                                  cilantro in season and fill enough jars to last through the year.

                                  Cilantro has been proven to chelate toxic metals from our
                                  bodies in a relatively short period of time. Combined with the
                                  benefits of the other ingredients, this recipe is a powerful
                                  tissue cleanser.

                                  Two teaspoons of this pesto daily for three weeks is
                                  purportedly enough to increase the urinary excretion of
                                  mercury, lead and aluminum, thus effectively removing these
                                  toxic metals from our bodies. We can consider doing this
                                  cleanse for three weeks at least once a year. The pesto is
                                  delicious on toast, baked potatoes, and pasta.

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