Candida Protocol 

1. Aqua Flora  (as directed on bottle)
2. Weekly ozonated steams & ozonated colonics
3. Ozone insufflations (ear, rectal & vaginal) daily, if possible, or at least 1 or 2 times per week
4. 3-month oral cleanse product (follow instructions in box)
5. Acidophilus supplements 2 times per day on an empty stomach
6. Follow Dr. Donsbach’s dietary suggestions (see below)
7. Use sweeteners like stevia instead of sugar and honey
8. Qigong (3 exercises to boost immune function)


1. Home oxidative protocol (see handout sheet)
2. Liquid OXY-GEN product—1 oz 2X’s/Day
3. Hulda Clark Zapper used at night for 1 or more hours
4.  Immune system enhancers (e.g. garlic perls, Vit. C, goldenseal, echinacea, etc.)
5. Digestive aids (Excellent ones are Candida Digest by Planetary Formulas and Digestive Bitters by same company.)
6. Supplements to boost adrenal function (e.g. Vit C, pantothenic acid, potassium and adrenal glandulars)

Candida Dietary Suggestions
(Dr. Donsbach’s)

The use of a special candida or chronic fatigue syndrome diet is NOT a part of our protocol.  A wholesome and varied diet is recommended avoiding foods that may cause individual allergic reactions.  Basic diet is as follows:

1. Consume at least 1 bowlful of whole grain cereal every morning.  This can be oatmeal or any other single or mixed grains, hot or cold as you wish.
2. Consume at least 4 cupfuls of vegetables daily—cooked or raw.
3. Consume at least one cupful of fresh fruit daily.
4. Avoid all forms of concentrated sugars including fruit juice.  Eat the whole fruit!
5. Use only butter, olive oil and peanut oil as fats in your cooking.  NO HYDROGENATED OILS OF ANY KIND ARE TO BE USED!
6. If you must, allow yourself one “sin” day per week to indulge your junk food cravings.  Set the day and do not deviate or cheat.  You will soon find out that as you eliminate the daily intake of these “foodless” foods, they lose their desirability.
7. Fish, eggs, quality meats, etc. can be consumed in moderation if absolutely necessary.

Regarding Acidophilus:

1. Use 5 capsules of a 1 billion live bacteria per capsule product at 11 a.m. and 5 capsules at 5 p.m. for a period of ten days on an empty stomach.
2. Wait twenty days and repeat.
3. You can also dissolve from 5 to 10 capsules in about one pint of warm water and use it in a retention enema.

*Remember, it is important that you take acidophilus capsules on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before a meal or three hours after a meal for them to be effective.  Contrary to what some believe, these capsules are not effective if taken with food in the stomach.

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