*(Repeat 3 times out loud with enthusiasm!)

I feel wonderful!  I feel great!  I feel energy coursing throughout my entire body!  I feel young and healthy again!

*(Repeat the following 1 time per day with deeper reflection.)

I am healthy and at peace in my life.  I am able to love everyone including my enemies because I know that they help to make me strong and a better and more selfless person.  As I forgive and judge not others, so am I forgiven and not judged.

Anger, guilt and fear that was locked in my subconscious memory is now being released and fading away in the new light of understanding that something greater than myself created me and everything around me for some grand learning experience.  I see all anger, guilt and fear as just the absence of the “Light” of this Higher Understanding of Truth.  I know that everything in the universe was created and is being choreographed for some special reason and therefore everything is O.K. in the universe, including me.  I wrap up all anger, guilt and fear and give it back to the Higher Power that created everything.

I now align myself in universal love, light, freedom, happiness and joy!