European Cleanse Program 
(7-component protocol)
Duration--3 months 

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I Ozonated Steam Baths

II Ozonated Colonics

III Oral Product

IV Castor Oil Packs

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V Body Brushing

VI Liver Flush

VII Parasite Cleanse (6 wk)

Parts 1&2:

Have a series 6 colonics immediately preceeded with an ozonated steam sauna
(3 per week for two weeks) to quickly remove as much impaction and toxins as possible.
Afterwards, the frequency can be cut down to one or two times per week, if so desired.

(Benefits of steam sauna.)

Part 3:

Take special oral products: Kalenite & Colon Care by Yerba Prima)

  Part 4:

Do castor oil packs over the abdomen to speed healing and cleansing process.

(Order "The Oil That Heals" by Dr. William McGarey)
(Read Dr. David Williams' Health Dispatch Email on Castor Oil)
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Part 5:

Body brushing is done daily to stimulate lymph drainage, activate skin detox and stimulate chi.
Part 6:

Do liver flush in week 7 & every two weeks until no more stones are flushed.
Part 7:
We are now offering a special 6-week parasite cleanse as a part of our cleanse program
because of popular demand and because we were able to locate one product
that will do it all very effectively!  This starts the third week of the cleanse
after the colon has been largely cleared.

(See suggested daily regimen)

*Note:  It is helpful to maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables
and low in meats, refined carbohydrates and milk products.
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 *Suggested maintenance after cleanse is to do an ozonated steam and ozonated colonic
once per month or on some kind of a regular basis.  This will help maintain
a clean colon and healthy body.

  Many who do work with ozone also incorporate vaginal insufflations 
and ear insufflations as part of their self-healing program. 
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